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Welcome to the dental clinic in Antalya. Our first priority is to over come the problems of our esteem patients belongs from any where in this globe. To expand our services, we are offering them a quality treatments . This means we can offer variety of dental clinic at different locations, so you can choose the location which suits you best. We are working with a professional and dedicated dental team. The whole team is making the best efforts to let our patients smile. We offer a wide range of dental services such as crowns, bridges, Emax veneers and dental implants. During the consultation our dentist will advise the dental treatment possibilities and discuss the process of the dental treatment. Together with the dentist, the patient will choose the most appropriate treatment. Next to our local patients, we are also treating foreign patients. The staff at our dental clinic speaks several languages, which means we are able to assist our foreign patients during the dental process. Working as a team, with the aim of enhancing the patient’s smile.


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Healthy smile with Health Tourism

The first question is: what is health tourism? Health tourism, also called medical tourism, is travelling to another country to receive medical treatment.

For many countries health tourism is a part of their national industry and those countries have become a medical destination for many tourists. While reading this article, certainly you are wondering what the advantage is of travelling abroad for your next treatment. Imagine lying on a pearl white beach with a cocktail in your hand. Or explore the historical side of a country, going on a safari tour and rafting in a river. Health tourism is giving you the opportunity to combine your medical treatment with a relaxing holiday. After your treatment you have the chance to recover and rest in a high class all-inclusive resort.