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Bone Graft & Sinus Lift

Bone graft and sinus operations

When a tooth has been missing for a long time or in case of infections or periodontal disease, it can lead to bone loss. In this case, the placement of a dental implant may require first a bone graft or a sinus lift operation.

During this procedure the bone mass can be reconstructed (for implant placement it is necessary to have minimum bone height of 6-8 mm). Generally, bone restoration and implant placement are performed during the session.

Bone graft and surgery

The bone graft is applicable if the bone of the planned area is insufficient for the implant treatment. The cells that the bone graft contains help the area heal faster and increase bone volume with the ingredients needed for bone formation and growth.

Performing this type of operation requires great professionalism and not all dentists are able to do it. Our dentists are specialists in this field and have a lot of experience.

The operation of the bone graft is painless and the operative follow-up is quite simple.

Pain-free care with sedation

The sedation method allows the patient to be calm and facilitates dental treatment. Those who have a dental phobia can be treated with sedation.

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