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Dental Crowns/Bridges

To have crowns or dental bridges placed in our clinic, you only need a 7-day stay!


A porcelain dental Emax veneer of top quality - € 230.

Dental Implants

Dental implants: A miraculous solution to replace one or more missing teeth

Bone Graft & Sinus Lift

When a tooth has been missing for a long time or in case of infections or periodontal disease

Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening gives an immediate, effective and lasting result (up to 1 year).

Dental care at home

On the television, at social media and in daily life we are continuously faced with the ‘’Hollywood-smile’’. Teeth whitening, veneers and crowns are all treatments that can give you the smile of your dreams. Next to cosmetic dentistry, also other dental treatments take place in a dental clinic.

But a dental clinic is not the only place where you can take care of your teeth. Also at home you can maintain your healthy teeth. To achieve a healthy smile, means taking care of your teeth for a lifetime. We will give you the necessary information to keep your teeth in a good condition.

The golden tips for a healthy white smile

- Brush minimum 2 times a day
Brush off all the bacteria and plaque in the morning and in the evening. It will keep your fresh breath, prevents gum disease and removes teeth stains. And don’t forget to change your (electric) toothbrush every 3 months.

- Not only your teeth! Also your tongue
- Floss every day
What your brush can’t reach, flossing can. If you don’t floss, you miss 35% of your tooth surfaces. Gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss can be the result. Don’t forget to floss every day to keep your smile.

- Avoid dark-colored foods and beverages
Everybody knows that coffee, black tea, red wine, chocolate, cigarettes, cola etc. affects the whiteness of your teeth. It means you have to be careful with what you eat and drink to maintain a bright smile. When you choose for dark-colored foods and beverages, make sure you brush your teeth after it.
- And of course every 6 months a dental check-up

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