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Dental Crowns/Bridges

Dental crowns
To have crowns or dental bridges placed in our clinic, you only need a 7-day stay!
The dental crown is a prosthesis that has the shape of a real tooth. It can be required in many cases, for example: if you have deep decay, if your dentition is distorted, if you have a broken tooth and if the tooth is devitalized. Or simply to change the appearance and color of the teeth. The dental crown strengthens the teeth and protects them from new aggressions. For this, natural teeth require preparation before placing the dental crowns. Dental crowns are made of different materials and can replace one or more teeth.

We customize the treatment for each patient by producing the ideal tooth design (shape, size, shade) in harmony with the morphology of the dentition and will present the most natural result.

Dental process:

- First appointment: Panoramic X-ray, diagnosis, preparation of teeth, taking impressions, placing temporary crowns
- Second appointment: test zirconia crowns
- Last appointment: cementation (final installation) of the dental crowns

Types of dental crowns

Crown metal – porcelain: It is a crown from which the outer layer is made of porcelain and has a metal (chrome-cobalt) infrastructure. This metal does not contain nickel, the chromium-cobalt alloy is the most biocompatible among metals. The metal infrastructure makes the crown stronger. The aesthetic outer layer is white porcelain.

Zirconia - porcelain crown: It is a crown with zirconia (oxide, precious materials) infrastructure and an outer layer of porcelain.
These crowns have great advantages:
- Zirconia is completely biocompatible and antiallergic
- The crowns are lighter and translucent
- These crowns are rather recommended because they are much more aesthetic, much stronger and solid.
Our zirconia crowns are designed and produced with a modern technique called CAD / CAM. The realization of the crowns by computer (CAD / CAM) offers us an accurate and very precise manufacture.

Dental bridge: The "bridge" is a dental prosthesis that leans on adjacent teeth to replace a missing tooth. The crowns of the bridge are connected to each other. A bridge requires the manufacture of at least 3 teeth whose central replaces the missing tooth.

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